About Us

Mark Peterson

Mark is a brilliant software engineer. He lives in California with his parents. From his college days Mark was recognised by his teachers as a brilliant student and he scores highest marks in his every exams. Mark Peterson was decided that he will become a software engineer and will develop world class software programs.

Presently Mark is working with a software firm in California and has developed some excellent tools for fixing Outlook issues. Mark has been involved in a team for developing various Scanpstexe tools that has achieved various awards. Besides that Mark loves to play Baseball game and he is now living a luxurious life with his family.

Linda Mac

Form her childhood Linda dreamt of becoming a software engineer and his hard work has given her the best reward. Linda Mac, a girl from a medium class family is now a senior software programmer who is living a fantastic life with his family in Florida. Right now she is working with a leading software firm and has been involved in developing various Scanpstexe tools. She works with a team and their software programs are highly ranked world wide.

Linda loves to watch Bruce Willis movies and also having interests in music and games. In his leisure time Linda loves to play her Acoustic Guitar. And all these things make her a wonderful person.