Complete Solution To Fix ‘Mac Outlook Error Code 17997’

In the present scenario variety of sources are available to communicate with one another for personal as well as for business purposes. Though all of them provides the individual with efficient results but yet among all of them emailing has been regarded as the most reliable way of communication as it enables the individual to communicate with the people anywhere across the world. Now since emailing is so much applicable, thus Microsoft has designed a reliable mailing applications named Microsoft Outlook, This application is highly desired by numerous users for the fastest means of communication. It is highly compatible with almost all the versions of Windows OS. Apart from that it can also get loaded on distinct versions of Mac operating system.

Although MS Outlook is compatible with the Mac OS in the same way as it is with Windows but yet it’s working criteria on Mac is different. On mac for the sending and receiving mails through Outlook , one need to connect it with exchange server. Via this one can very easily exchange the mails to other locations or other computers. Now due to such features Mac sounds and appears very applicable. However in reality often while trying to send a mail with the help of the exchange server in Outlook it get fails and a message comes to the Outbox that ‘Mac Outlook Error Code 17997’.

This error is very ridiculous in nature. After the occurrence of this error, the receiving mails do not affected but the sending get stopped.

Symptoms Of ‘Mac Outlook Error Code 17997’ :

The main symptom of this error code is the prompting of the error message after sending of mails fails. The error comes up on users screen in the below mentioned way :

Unexpected Data was Encountered error Error -17997” while connecting MS Outlook 2011 to Exchange can connect to Exchange server and receive mail, but when sending, the messages hang in the Outlook with error -17997, unexpected data was encountered.

Working Steps To Fix ‘Mac Outlook Error Code 17997’:

  1. First of all click on all the spot light search glass and then type terminal and after that press enter to open the terminal.
  2. Now to delete the old preferences, one has to type default delete com.Microsoft.Outlook.
  3. In the next step type killall cfprefsd. This will surely remove the cached preferences.
  4. Finally at last try to launch the Outlook again.

After the implementation of the above discussed steps one would surely be able to access the sending and receiving of the mails very easily in the Outlook and along with that the Mac Outlook error code 17997 also stops prompting onto the computer screen. But if in a case it do not happens i.e., the error do not get fixed then in that case it is strongly recommended to use ‘PST Repair Tool‘ since this tool can be very handled and do have potential of fixing almost every type of error associated with Outlook.

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