Complete Solution To Fix Outlook.dll Errors

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Outlook.dll is actually a type of DLL files which enables multiple software programs to share the same functionality. Now since they are shared files, so they exist outside of the software application itself. Though these files have been proven very beneficial for the software developers but this separation also generates numerous problems to the users in a case if Windows do not properly load the Outlook.dll file. These Outlook.dll errors most usually occurs during computer set up, program set up or while trying to utilize a specific function in the program.

Reasons Accountable For Outlook.dll Errors Are :

  1. Virus or malware infection which has corrupted the Outlook.dll file.
  2. Another program uninstalled the Outlook.dll file
  3. Another program viciously or accidentally deleted the Outlook.dll file.
  4. Invalid or corrupt Outlook.dll regidtry entry.

Symptoms Of Outlook.dll Errors are :

  1. “Outlook.dll not found.”
  2. “Outlook.dll Access Violation.”
  3. “The file Outlook.dll is missing.”
  4. “Cannot register Outlook.dll.”
  5. “Cannot start Third-Party Software. A required component is missing: Outlook.dll. Please install Third-party Software again.”
  6. “Cannot find C:\Windows\System32\\Outlook.dll.”
  7. “This application failed to start because Outlook.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.”

Thus it because of such hazardous consequences it would not wrong to claim Outlook.dll error a disastrous error for the Outlook application which needs to be fixed quickly to make an effective utilization of MS Outlook application. Considering that purpose it is advised to implement the below mentioned instructions in the sequence in which they are given :

  1. First of all manually register Outlook.dll utilizing Microsoft Register Server.
  2. Now repair invalid Outlook.dll registry entries
  3. Next remove or restore Outlook.dll from the Windows Recycle Bin.
  4. After that perform a full virus/malware scan of the PC.
  5. Then update your PC device drivers.
  6. Now make usage of Windows system restore to “Undo” recent system changes.
  7. In the next step uninstall and reinstall the third-party software program related to Outlook.dll.
  8. Now run Windows System File Checker (“sfc /scannow”)
  9. Further install all available Windows Updates.
  10. Finally at last perform a clean Installation of Windows.

Hopefully the above instructed steps will surely work for fixing the Outlook.dll Errors but if not then it is advised to resolve the error by making use of ‘PST Repair Tool’. This tool being powered by numerous effective and advance algorithmic skills has been labeled a potent solution to the Outlook errors. It includes a very simple and interactive user-interface. This tool is compatible with all the latest version of MS Outlook application.

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