How to Fix Scanpst.exe Issues In Outlook 2010

Scanpst.exe is a recovery software available for fixing PST files problem. Scanpst.exe is an in-built software of Microsoft Outlook present in almost every version of Outlook. This is free software usually located in installation folder of Microsoft Outlook. Outlook 2010 is an advanced version of Outlook application which is a recent release. Outlook 2010 constitutes new and advanced features enabling users to easily maintain their emails, contacts, notes, calendars, journals and other things.

Scanpst.exe is also referred as Inbox Repair tool used to diagnose and identify problems of PST files. Moreover, it also specifies error location so that it does not need to search the entire mailbox. It is also able to examine the state of file structure. If the file is not in its appropriate structure, scanpst.exe will reconstruct appropriate headers after fixing any error if present.

The exact location of scanpst.exe does not remain same always. The location varies from one version to another. The location of scanpst.exe in Outlook 2010 is

Outlook 2010

  • 32-bit Windows – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
  • 64-bit Windows – C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
  • 64-bit Outlook – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

Demerits of using Scanpst.exe

Scanpst.exe tool has some limitations which makes it difficult to repair Outlook and PST related issues. Scanpst.exe fails to repair when the problem is quite big in size. It cannot repair those PST file which exceeds its size limitation. If the damage and corruption to PST file is severe then scanpst.exe is unable to fix this damage and fail to recover data. Another thing is that it sometimes may freeze in between the repairing process leading the process to stop. If the scanpst.exe is outdated one then also it cannot fix some issues. Also, if you update Outlook from older version to newer version then chances are that scanpst.exe file may get lost and so you will not be able to find it in application.

Fixing Scanpst.exe Issues

If you are facing problem in finding the scanpst.exe location and if it is unable to fix the problems then you are advised to download scanpst.exe file. Else, you can go for third party repairing tool to solve your problems. A PST Repair tool is one which can easily sort out your problem without creating any hurdles for users and without any indulgence of user.

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