How to repair Corrupt PST when scanpst.exe fails to respond ?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular application that is used by a large number of users . Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt repair tool which has been provided by Microsoft Outlook . It make use of personal storage table for storing various PST Files which are very likely to crash and there is chance of losing all your important data permanently .

Scanpst is used to repair all the corrupt pst files which include emails , attachments , calendars , appointments , journals etc. It is a free inbuilt utility tool which gets installed automatically with the installation of MS Outlook . But sometimes you will experience a weird situation when scanpst.exe stops responding .

Just consider a scenario when you are unable to access your PST file due to its corruption . In order to handle this problem you execute scanpst.exe to repair your PST files . But scanpst fails to do so and display the error message as mentioned below :-

“Scanpst.exe not responding”

This error message usually appears due to incomplete installation of Outlook program or if particular file goes on missing and is deleted by mistake .

Reasons for appearance of this error message :-

1.Oversized PST File
2.Severe damaged PST file
3.Virus attack
4.When scanpst gets corrupted due to improper Outlook installation

Failure of scanpst.exe is highly worst situation which results in loss of important Outlook data making users completely helpless. If user still tries to repair files with the help of scanpst.exe , various other errors could occur such as :-
1.scanpst.exe not found
2.scanpst.exe unable to locate component
scanpst.exe fatal error : 80040900

If you really want to get back your lost files which may include your important emails, attachments , journals etc then you should must go for using PST Repair Software which easily repairs and recovers all your damaged and lost PST files. It is highly compatible with all the versions of MS Outlook application. You can easily download the free version of this software in order to check its ability and later you can easily upgrade to license to repair and recover files .

Key Features Of PST Repair Tool :-

1.)Recover all the messages deleted accidentally from the deleted items folder
2.)It recovers all your lost data which include emails, calendar,appointments, journals, notes, contacts, attachments etc
3.)It recovers all password protected files.
4.) It recovers formatting as well as text. Many of the email messages are sent in HTML format, is able to recover both the format and the message.
5.)It is able to recover encrypted files

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