Know How To Repair Oversized Outlook PST Files Easily


As it is already very clear that PST file plays a very crucial role in the Microsoft Outlook application. It is basically a container for MS Outlook which stores emails,contacts, notes, calendars, drafts, tasks, shared items and numerous other essential Outlook elements. Now though this PST is very applicable and efficient but yet it do have some drawbacks. One of the most remarkable drawback of PST file is their specific storage limit of file size which generally depends on the versions of MS Outlook. Actually normally for MS Outlook 2002 and several previous versions the maximum permissible size limit of a PST file is 2 GB whereas on the other hand it has been increased up to 20 GB for Outlook 2003 and after that up to 50 GB in Outlook 2010.

So, because of being rigorous utilized for years, the sizes of the PST files exceeds it’s permissible size limit. In this situation the MS Outlook takes longer time to respond and open files from it. This situation may causes generation of several error messages onto the device’s screen while trying to access emails or contacts. Some error messages are discussed below:

  • xxxx.pst cannot be accessed – 0×80040116.”
  • Reported Error 0x00040820
  • “The file could not be added to the folder. The action could not be completed.”
  • “The file xxxx.pst has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (shift + del) delete them.”
  • Error in Background Synchronization
  • Errors have been detected in Outlook.PST file. Quit all mail-enabled applications and run Inbox Repair Tool

Furthermore this oversizing of PST file also corrupts the PST file. After that it becomes very hectic for the users to access the data stored on the PST file. Now to face this situation and to repair the oversized Outlook PST file, Microsoft itself has provided several utilities such as Inbox Repair Tool. It is an efficient utility having potential to deal with various corruption troubles associated with PST file including corruption because of PST file crossing it’s fixed size limit. This inbuilt utility is stored in MS Office folder of the system drive. In order to utilize this the Inbox Repair Tool, one need to implement the below discussed instructions:

  1. First of all open “scanpst.exe” application
  2. Then click on “browse” button to choose the oversized PST file
  3. After that to test the selected files for errors hit the ‘start’ button.
  4. Then user will option like “Make backup of scanned file before repairing”.
  5. After that select the destination location in order to save the backup file.
  6. Finally at last initialize the repairing procedure via pressing “Repair” button.

Now if the execution of the above discussed instructions works, excellent otherwise to repair the oversized Outlook PST file it is suggested to use ‘PST Repair Tool‘ since it has been labeled as one of the most efficient tool to deal with any kind of PST corruption issue. This tool is highly compatible with all the latest version of Windows OS. It do have a very simple and interactive user-interface.

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