How To Merge PST Files In Outlook 2007

What is PST file

PST, a short form of Personal Storage Table is storage unit for saving emails, important files, calendars, events and many more. It is a unique feature of Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is an email client application used for sending and receiving emails. Outlook application is one of the popular email services used in the organizations to exchange lots of information. A PST file contains lots of emails messages, files and other items in folders. On creating a PST, it is either stored on computer’s hard disk drive or server you have to access to.

Creating a number of PST files allow you to save many data and move them around like other files. However, the problem may arise when you move from one Outlook version to another and it becomes quite difficult for you to manage multiple PST files. This problem can be resolved by merging the PST files.

Why is the need to merge PST file

Usually, the need to merge PST files is not raised by normal or home users but by large organizations where email is the basic source of communication. Because of the following reasons, merging PST file pop ups rapidly –

  • Due to limited size of PST file (2GB for ANSI and 20GB for Unicode)
  • Multiple emails are accessed by single user on different computers.
  • Handling the previous emails of old employees.
  • Switching from one version to another.

How to merge PST files together

In order to merge PST files into a single file, you can perform the manual steps as given below –

  • Open up outlook 2007 application.
  • Click on File -> Import and Export.
  • In the Import and Export dialog box, click on ‘Import from another program or file’ and then click on Next button.
  • Select the Outlook Data File and click on Next button in the Import dialog box.
  • Click on the option ‘Do not import duplicates’.
  • Click Browser button.
  • Find and select .pst file you do not open in Outlook and now click on Open button.
  • Click Next button in Import Data File dialog box.
  • Click on ‘Import items into same folder in’ option and then click Finish button.

Third party tool

However, in case, the above stated steps do not work for you then you can use a third party tool to quickly merge PST files without any hassle.

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How To Recover PST Password In Outlook 2007

What is PST File in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is certainly one of the most famous and widely used email application and a personal information manager. Outlook provides a feature called PST file which is a personal storage table. PST files are the hub of all the data of an Outlook application. All important notes, emails, calendar entries, contacts and others are saved in the pst file. As a matter of fact, users take utmost care of its emails and so they put a password on the application to protect them. This is the best way to protect your emails and other important documents from unauthorized access.

However, password protection sometimes become a trouble for users when they forget password. Password protection is the cool way to safeguard crucial data but after applying a password, it needs to be maintained and managed from time to time. This way, users may forget password or get confused among various password combinations. Losing password of your mail account is a bizarre, specially in case, where network administrator also becomes helpless in regaining password.

Recovery of PST password in Outlook

Although there is an option given to save your password, dong so will compromise password’s safety as anyone who knows how to access password list can easily get your passwords. Therefore, it is better to type the password each time you login. Having multiple accounts and their cryptic jumble of numbers, characters and symbols sometimes make you perplexed thus you forget the exact password of the account. Another case is that when you remove old password so as to add new password , there you seem to remember old password instead of new one.

Follow the manual steps in case you have forgotten the password to recover it –

  • Right click on the .pst file name.
  • Click on Properties option.
  • In the Properties dialog box, click on Advanced button.
  • Click on Change Password button.
  • Type the password in the Old Password field box.
  • Leave New password and Verify field box.
  • Last, click on OK button.

Still, you find it difficult to perform and are not sure that this manual steps can recover password then try a third party recovery tool. A powerful and reliable PST Recovery tool is the best possible way of recovering lost password with ease and will surely help help you.

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How to Create PST File In Outlook 2007

Creating PST files in Outlook 2007 is very simple and effortless task. You can easily create PST files in Microsoft Outlook 2007 with just a little guidance. Follow the steps given to create PST files in Outlook 2007.

Every one is very well aware of Microsoft Office suite. And so Microsoft Outlook is also a part of Office suite that comes within the Office package. There is no need to externally install it. Moreover, Microsoft Outlook is a very useful application in terms of mails and its related contents. Microsoft Outlook is an client email application used for sending and receiving emails and attachments. It comes in various versions like 2003, 2007, 2010 and so on. Outlook is quite capable of managing emails and other components in a proper manner. Outlook deploys a special feature for storing emails and other informations named as PST file. PST file is a personal storage table allowing you to copy and move emails and attachments from your email server’s mailbox account to your local computer.

In other words, it is a local archive or storage file created to save emails and other important files and documents on computer’s hard drive, USB drive or server share.

Benefits of creating PST file in Outlook 2007

  • Mailbox size – the older versions of Outlook have limited storage capacity while Outlook 2007 has increased its storage capacity so that more and more emails can be stored .
  • Backup and disaster recovery – keeping a copy of your emails on your local PC is a fast and easy method to recover in case of any disaster.
  • Portability – PST file makes emails portable to be carried easily anywhere and anytime.
  • Security – moving confidential emails from email server to local PC adds a layer of security.

Steps to create PST file in Outlook 2007

Unlike, previous versions of Outlook, there is a slight modification in this version while creating PST files. To create a PST file, follow the steps given below –

  • Click on File option.
  • Goto Data File Management and click.
  • Select the type of data file you want.
  • Click on OK.
  • In a new window, browse the location where you want to save the file.
  • Type the name for PST data file in the Name box, under Create Microsoft Personal Folders dialog box.
  • Click on OK.
  • Finally, close the account Settings dialog box.

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Know About Microsoft Office Home & Student version 2007

Microsoft Office is an Office suite developed by Microsoft corporation and is a well-known software used by every individuals these days. It is very helpful and an indispensable part of your computer system. Without an Office suite, you cannot imagine your computer. Microsoft Office is a “must-have” thing on your computer. Periodically, Microsoft invents new versions of Office suite to satisfy customer need. Nowadays, Microsoft Office has launched a new variant Office Home & Student version 2007.

Office Home & Student is designed with the aim to help in solving family related database issues like managing information for school, work and home at one place. With the features like reliability, security and more assistance then ever, it is now very easy to create a good looking documents, manage data and stay on top of everything. Microsoft Office Home & Student package includes Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 and Microsoft Office Word 2007. If you are a teacher, a student, a housewife, a doctor or any one then it is best suited application for you all.

As this packge is specifically designed for home users so it includes only those applications which are useful for maintaining a home database unlike other Office suite that contains more applications with respect to this. It includes those programs that you most likely to use every day.

Benefits of Microsoft Office Home & Student :

  • It contains essential software suite for home computer users making it pleasure and ease to complete schoolwork as well as other tasks.
  • Microsoft Office Home & Student contains 2007 versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote.
  • It has interactive user interface exposing commonly used commands , graphics and formatting galleries so that you can easily produce high quality documents.
  • It has improved and automatic security ensuring the safety of your data. Along with it, data recovery and inspector tool is provided which removes personally identifiable details from documents.
  • Enhanced Help system has online tutorials with step by step instructions enabling you to gather, search and organize many types of data.

Thus, Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 saves your time and keep your important data safe and intacted.

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How To Recover Deleted Or Lost PST Files In Outlook 2007

Have you unintentionally deleted contents of pst files by pressing SHIFT + DELETE keys? Or at same time emptied your recycle bin also? Now you regret that you had deleted important files along with rubbish and do not have any backup to restore them back. Use the given guidelines to recover all of those lost pst files.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a personal information storage unit designed and developed by Microsoft itself and is available as a part of Microsoft Office suite. So, you do not need to install it aloof. Outlook application is available in all different editions of Office package. Outlook is an email service that enable you to send and receive emails. Apart from email service, it also includes innumerable features like task manager, calendars, note manager, reminders, journals and so on. In Outlook, you will find a feature called PST. PST file is an useful thing which allow you to store Outlook emails whether it be sent or received mails in the hard drive of your PC.

Cases for accidental deletion of PST files

First thing you should remember that it is quite impossible to delete tons of emails simultaneously. However, some scenarios are here to show you how you come across deletion of emails in pst files.

Case 1 . Sometimes, it is quite obvious that you are tired or inattentive and delete one or two unwanted mails from your inbox and in spite of deleting one or two mails you checked ‘delete all’ box.

Case 2 . Sometimes, you are supposed to delete undesirable emails, instead you delete important one.

Case 3 . You may empty the trash also after deleting the contents from mailbox.

Case 4 . You may delete an item permanently by pressing SHIFT + DELETE keys.

Recover Deleted Or Lost PST Files

Manual Recovery –

  • Open Outlook and navigate to Tools.
  • Choose Recover Deleted Items.
  • A window with permanently deleted mails will open.
  • Now select the one you want to recover.

Automatic Recovery –

Even if you have permanently deleted emails or any content in pst files, you will be able to recover them. Use a PST Recovery tool because this tool has an excellent algorithm to help you in extracting deleted or lost pst data.

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How To Repair Microsoft Office 2007 Problems

What is Microsoft Office?

Everyone have heard of Microsoft Office and know it very well. Microsoft Office is a suite of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote, etc. Microsoft Office is used by over billions of users in the world sitting at different corners. It is a complete package of all those applications which are used for every day to day work. Microsoft Office is not only used in offices but also in schools, colleges, homes and many other places that are required to note down their activities or to save it permanently. Overall, you can say it is a ‘must have’ application suite in PC else your system will be nothing but an empty box.

Microsoft Office comes in various version such as 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010 and latest version is 2013. Microsoft Office version 2007 contains lots of modified features as well as interface with respect to other previous versions. Microsoft Office 2007 contains modified toolbars, menus, options, sub menus. Moreover, it has introduced more of its menus in the form of graphics or icon. Microsoft has tried to give completely a new look to its office suite so that more and more users can use it easily.

What type of problems you can face due to Microsoft Office 2007?

Usually, Microsoft Office does not trouble its users unless they have properly used or installed it. Microsoft Office 2007 troubles you only when you have not properly installed it or some of its software was missing while installing it. And if it has not properly installed then you can face problems while running any of its applications. It may not start properly. Microsoft Office 2007 may crash sometimes or freeze when you are working with it. Another aspect is virus infection that is a virus may have corrupt your Microsoft Office 2007.

Repairing Microsoft Office 2007

The first thing you can do is uninstall Office 2007 and re-install it properly. Use an anti-virus program to delete viruses from your system then repair your Microsoft Office 2007. Still, you are unable to correct it then go for a professional and experienced tool. This professional tool can sort out your problem quickly.

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How To Repair Damage PST File In Outlook 2007

What is Microsoft Outlook 2007?

Microsoft Outlook 2007 provides a complete and integrated solution for organizing and maintaining digital communication tools such as emails, instant messaging and all your day to day information like calendars, notes, events, contacts and many other things. Microsoft outlook 2007 is able to manage large number of emails, appointments, contacts and events thus saving your time and helping you to carry other tasks more effectively. It also makes it easy to synthesize information and share it with other people.

Keeping all its market aspects aside, sometimes PST file may become corrupt or damage due to many reasons. PST file is an uniques feature of Microsoft Outlook that enables you to save your emails and other things.

Causes for the breakdown of PST in Outlook 2007

At first, it is very important to know the key reasons behind PST damage. One of the major reason can be the bad sector on storage disk failure which can damage PST files stored on it. Some other reasons which can damage PST file are network cables, hubs, routers, cards or any other connecting devices. Issues related to software also contribute in damaging PST files. Due to system failure or disaster, PST files may get damaged or lost. Also, an anit-virus program can affect some functional parameters of Outlook. Improper installation of Outlook 2007 can also lead to PST related problems. Oversized PST and abnormal termination of Outlook can cause damage to PST files.

Repairing damaged PST file in Outlook 2007

However, a widely trusted and verified PST repairing software can prove to be a miracle for your corrupt PST file. This software tends to repair all corrupted and damaged PST files quickly without making the user wait for so long. A PST repair software can –

  • Retrieve lost PST files.
  • Recover accidentally deleted PST files.
  • Recover encrypted PST files.
  • Repair PST files without making any changes in the content.
  • Simple and easy to use software.
  • A PST repair software almost supports every version of Outlook like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • Allow storing of retrieved data at your desired location.

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How To Solve PST File Location Error In Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook rarely depends on Exchange Server for email services instead it uses its own personal folder called PST file for storing mailbox data. PST stands for personal storage table (.pst) is an open file format used to store emails, calendars, notes, events and other items. In other words, you can say, PST file is mainly created by Microsoft Outlook to move and copy emails and its attachments, calenders, notes, events and many other things from your Server mailbox account to your PC or laptop. It acts as a local archive or storage file which you create to store email and related attachments on computer’s hard drive, server share or USB drive depending on where you create it.

Benefits of using PST file

  • It is easy to use. Just create .PST file and simply drag and drop your mails into it. It works like a regular mailbox in Outlook.
  • Storing emails into PST folder enables faster and instant accessing of mails via built-in search features in Outlook 2007.
  • PST file is useful and ensures that all your emails are recoverable in case when email server has not made any copy of your emails.
  • PST files provide easy portability of emails from one location to another.

What are the problems in finding PST file location?

PST file, sometime due to errors causes problem when you try to locate them in your Outlook. You search for it at every location in your Outlook 2007 but unable to locate it. PST file can generate errors when it is damaged or deleted.

  • Virus attack can corrupt your PST file.
  • Unintentionally deleted PST file.
  • Bad sectors in memory where PST file was saved.
  • Improper functioning of Outlook 2007.

Solution for finding PST file location

By default location of PST file depends on the version of MS Outlook you are running. Hence, the location of PST file in Outlook 2007 and 2010 in your AppData is –


Otherwise, you can also manually find out the PST file location. Just follow the simple steps given –

  • Click on Tools menu and then select Options in Outlook 2007.
  • In the Options dialog box, click on Mail setup tab.
  • Now click on Data Files button.
  • Here, Account Settings window will open. Goto Data Files Tab and choose the account which you want to investigate.
  • Then click on Open File Location button.
  • File Explorer window will be opened by Outlook containing your PST file.

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Problems Related To PST File In Microsoft Outlook 2007

In today’s scenario, Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email client and this is because Microsoft Outlook has easy to use interface, advanced features and storing emails. Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager and is a part of Microsoft Office suite. It is a standalone application. It is most often used as an email application. It includes features like task manager, calendar, contact manager, note taking, journal and web browsing.

Microsoft Outlook has one more feature that is PST. PST stands for personal storage table which is used to store emails. It is a personal folder in Microsoft Outlook. The storage limit of .PST file for a single user is exact 2GB. A PST file is a web based mail account which includes all mail folders and the materials in the folders like mails, email attachments, appointments, contacts and many more. It is used by almost all versions of Microsoft Outlook from 2000 to 2010.

Issues related with PST file

  • Since Microsoft Outlook is most widely used email application, it is natural that you may face problems. The reasons for that situation are –
  • Whenever you attempt to upgrade your Outlook version and import existing PST files to new version can cause corruption of PST file due to incompatibility.
  • Continuous piling up of emails, calendars and notes, etc abnormally increases the size ,thus, making Outlook way to sluggish.
  • Outlook crashes unexpectedly many times due to corrupted add-ins. Installing many add-ins make Outlook comparatively slow.
  • Sometimes, an spam email is sent out automatically without your concern and that email is completely inappropriate.
  • Another problem is an email which is visible on your office computer but it is not shown on your laptop mail box.
  • Some errors can be generated to corrupted PST file leading to inaccessibility to your important data.

Easy way to recover Outlook PST files

If you are facing problem in handling PST folder then you need to fix it. Hence, to fix it download Stellar Outlook PST Repair tool. It will surely help you in resolving Outlook issues. Follow the steps to use it –

  • Open Stellar Outlook PST Repair tool.
  • Select PST file and run through repair wizard in order to get back your emails.
  • And in case, file is unable to be fixed then you can recover individual emails and export them to other location.

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Guide To Fix scanpst.exe Errors in 2007 version

What is scanpst.exe?

Like any other versions of Outlook, scanpst.exe in 2007 is an utility software of Microsoft Outlook 2007. It is a temporary solution for solving Outlook related problems. Microsoft Outlook stores its files in PST where PST stands for personal storage table. scanpst.exe has another name known as “Inbox Repair Tool” which is a part of Microsoft Office software suite. It promises to solve problems related to Outlook inbox, however, it does not fulfill it. It has many limitations. It is unable to repair files beyond 2gb file size. Repairing does occur but may be with incomplete message. Users find it difficult to recover all of their files from corruption.

Possible ways for PST file corruption

Sometimes, corruption or damage of PST files occur due to some reasons like while loading and firing commands simultaneously. There are mainly two factors that can actually affect your PST files.

Software Reasons – :

  • Incorrect file system recovery can cause PST file corruption.
  • Virus and other malware attack.
  • Abruptly terminate Outlook application.
  • Demerits in Outlook application itself.

Hardware Reasons -:

  • Hard disk failure can lead to PST files failure where all the PST files are stored.
  • Network devices constituting cable, routers, hubs and network interface cards may have some problems then it can also affect your PST files.
  • While accessing your PST file, you encounter a power failure then this can damage your PST files.

Removing scanpst.exe in 2007 version error

Though scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair Tool is designed to solve problems associated with .PST files but this software fails to solve problems and provide complete satisfaction to users. Hence, you can take help from Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool. It is supported by almost all versions of Microsoft Outlook such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. The following features tell you about this software clearly.

  • This repairing tool enables you to repair files like emails, conatcts, calendars, notes and important attachments.
  • You can save repaired mails in EML, MSG, RTF, HTNL and PDF file formats.
  • It also allows to repair password protected and encrypted files.
  • Easy to use interface and options.

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