Perfect Solution To Mend ‘MAPI Was Unable to Load Msncon.dll’ Error


Microsoft Outlook has been characterized as one of the most popular email client as well as powerful personal information manager since it do have potential of storing the detailed contacts, calendar elements, notes, journals, RSS feeds and numerous other items. All these objects are preserved as a single file labeled as PST file. Now because of such efficient features mostly users believe that the Outlook application will work forever with the same proficiency but it is not the truth at all, since it is associated with various complex tasks like security concerns, Outlook connectors, communication protocols and various other entities, so in a case if anything goes wrong, one might encounter error message while accessing the PST file.

Among all these crucial entities Outlook connectors plays a very crucial role as in order to send or receive emails from numerous distinct social networks Outlook application needs to get installed with Outlook connectors. These add-in programs can be downloaded and installed from the Internet at free of cost. Though this program provides the users with a effective service but often users using it face several errors while updating this add-in programs or while configuring it. The most common error faced during this situation is MAPI error stating that “MAPI Was Unable to Load Msncon.dll”. Due to the generation of this error it becomes really hectic for the individual to perform transmission of mails easily and quickly. Therefore in order to make an effective utilization of MS Outlook application it is very necessary to resolve ‘MAPI Was Unable to Load Msncon.dll’ error. Considering that purpose below some effective steps have been discussed.

To resolve ‘MAPI Was Unable to Load Msncon.dll’, implement the below discussed instructions:

  • First of all go to Control Panel
  • Now double click on Mail
  • Then click Data Files
  • In a case if no file is defined in this window, simply add or create a new one
  1. Create one in a case of having no backup data files
  2. Otherwise select the old file and click Add.
  • After that select the file type for Outlook to create or add
  1. File Office Outlook Personal Folders (.Pst) for Outlook 2007
  2. File Folders Outlook 97-2003 (.Pst) for older versions
  • Now in the window that opens click OK and choose either the old file which already exists on the hard drive or type the name of the new file to create and validate.
  • It is also very important to make sure that the file just have been added is selected as default.

If not then in that case make selection of file in the window and then click Set as Default

  • Finally at last validate by clicking Close > Close and t restart Microsoft Outlook.

If the execution of the above discussed manual instructions fixes the issues excellent otherwise to resolve ‘MAPI Was Unable to Load Msncon.dll’ error it is suggested to make use of ‘PST Repair Tool’ since this tool has been reported as a very effective software for mending severely corrupted PST file. Along with that it can also renovates password protected and encrypted Outlook PST files. This tool is highly compatible with almost all the latest version of MS Outlook. This tool can be easily handled as it includes a very simple and interactive user-interface.

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