Problems Related To PST File In Microsoft Outlook 2007

In today’s scenario, Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email client and this is because Microsoft Outlook has easy to use interface, advanced features and storing emails. Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager and is a part of Microsoft Office suite. It is a standalone application. It is most often used as an email application. It includes features like task manager, calendar, contact manager, note taking, journal and web browsing.

Microsoft Outlook has one more feature that is PST. PST stands for personal storage table which is used to store emails. It is a personal folder in Microsoft Outlook. The storage limit of .PST file for a single user is exact 2GB. A PST file is a web based mail account which includes all mail folders and the materials in the folders like mails, email attachments, appointments, contacts and many more. It is used by almost all versions of Microsoft Outlook from 2000 to 2010.

Issues related with PST file

  • Since Microsoft Outlook is most widely used email application, it is natural that you may face problems. The reasons for that situation are –
  • Whenever you attempt to upgrade your Outlook version and import existing PST files to new version can cause corruption of PST file due to incompatibility.
  • Continuous piling up of emails, calendars and notes, etc abnormally increases the size ,thus, making Outlook way to sluggish.
  • Outlook crashes unexpectedly many times due to corrupted add-ins. Installing many add-ins make Outlook comparatively slow.
  • Sometimes, an spam email is sent out automatically without your concern and that email is completely inappropriate.
  • Another problem is an email which is visible on your office computer but it is not shown on your laptop mail box.
  • Some errors can be generated to corrupted PST file leading to inaccessibility to your important data.

Easy way to recover Outlook PST files

If you are facing problem in handling PST folder then you need to fix it. Hence, to fix it download Stellar Outlook PST Repair tool. It will surely help you in resolving Outlook issues. Follow the steps to use it –

  • Open Stellar Outlook PST Repair tool.
  • Select PST file and run through repair wizard in order to get back your emails.
  • And in case, file is unable to be fixed then you can recover individual emails and export them to other location.

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