How To Recover PST Password In Outlook 2007

What is PST File in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is certainly one of the most famous and widely used email application and a personal information manager. Outlook provides a feature called PST file which is a personal storage table. PST files are the hub of all the data of an Outlook application. All important notes, emails, calendar entries, contacts and others are saved in the pst file. As a matter of fact, users take utmost care of its emails and so they put a password on the application to protect them. This is the best way to protect your emails and other important documents from unauthorized access.

However, password protection sometimes become a trouble for users when they forget password. Password protection is the cool way to safeguard crucial data but after applying a password, it needs to be maintained and managed from time to time. This way, users may forget password or get confused among various password combinations. Losing password of your mail account is a bizarre, specially in case, where network administrator also becomes helpless in regaining password.

Recovery of PST password in Outlook

Although there is an option given to save your password, dong so will compromise password’s safety as anyone who knows how to access password list can easily get your passwords. Therefore, it is better to type the password each time you login. Having multiple accounts and their cryptic jumble of numbers, characters and symbols sometimes make you perplexed thus you forget the exact password of the account. Another case is that when you remove old password so as to add new password , there you seem to remember old password instead of new one.

Follow the manual steps in case you have forgotten the password to recover it –

  • Right click on the .pst file name.
  • Click on Properties option.
  • In the Properties dialog box, click on Advanced button.
  • Click on Change Password button.
  • Type the password in the Old Password field box.
  • Leave New password and Verify field box.
  • Last, click on OK button.

Still, you find it difficult to perform and are not sure that this manual steps can recover password then try a third party recovery tool. A powerful and reliable PST Recovery tool is the best possible way of recovering lost password with ease and will surely help help you.

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