How To Recover Deleted Or Lost PST Files In Outlook 2007

Have you unintentionally deleted contents of pst files by pressing SHIFT + DELETE keys? Or at same time emptied your recycle bin also? Now you regret that you had deleted important files along with rubbish and do not have any backup to restore them back. Use the given guidelines to recover all of those lost pst files.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a personal information storage unit designed and developed by Microsoft itself and is available as a part of Microsoft Office suite. So, you do not need to install it aloof. Outlook application is available in all different editions of Office package. Outlook is an email service that enable you to send and receive emails. Apart from email service, it also includes innumerable features like task manager, calendars, note manager, reminders, journals and so on. In Outlook, you will find a feature called PST. PST file is an useful thing which allow you to store Outlook emails whether it be sent or received mails in the hard drive of your PC.

Cases for accidental deletion of PST files

First thing you should remember that it is quite impossible to delete tons of emails simultaneously. However, some scenarios are here to show you how you come across deletion of emails in pst files.

Case 1 . Sometimes, it is quite obvious that you are tired or inattentive and delete one or two unwanted mails from your inbox and in spite of deleting one or two mails you checked ‘delete all’ box.

Case 2 . Sometimes, you are supposed to delete undesirable emails, instead you delete important one.

Case 3 . You may empty the trash also after deleting the contents from mailbox.

Case 4 . You may delete an item permanently by pressing SHIFT + DELETE keys.

Recover Deleted Or Lost PST Files

Manual Recovery –

  • Open Outlook and navigate to Tools.
  • Choose Recover Deleted Items.
  • A window with permanently deleted mails will open.
  • Now select the one you want to recover.

Automatic Recovery –

Even if you have permanently deleted emails or any content in pst files, you will be able to recover them. Use a PST Recovery tool because this tool has an excellent algorithm to help you in extracting deleted or lost pst data.

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