How To Repair PST Files In Outlook 2010

About Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is advanced version of Microsoft Outlook with some new features and capabilities to assist you in managing emails and stay connected with people and efficiently manage time and information as well. With Outlook 2010, you can process the files and messages more faster, has expanded ribbon, can ignore irrelevant conversation in the inbox, work more smartly and efficiently with your email messages and many other features.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is quite stable but not perfect as PST files may become corrupt in this version as well. PST stands for personal storage table that is designed to store all the Inbox contents and other mail informations such as notes, calendars, journals, events and many more. In case, PST file gets corrupt then your Inbox will not work properly. PST file has one important benefits which is it serves as a backup of PST files that is created when you close Outlook and copy PST files into safe backup solution. Under unfavorable circumstances, PST files gets corrupt ed, so in such case it is needed to recover them urgently.

Some corruption scenarios of PST file

  • Corruption takes place due to improper execution of Outlook application.
  • Due to damage in the segment of hard drive and power supply failure leads to data loss.
  • Virus and malware attack infects the PST file and spread the logical errors.
  • Improper installation of Outlook files.

Repairing PST files in 2010

Scanpst, an in-built utility tool of Outlook application can prove to be efficient in solving the PST issues but in some cases it fails to solve. In fact, it does not help very much in repairing PST files even in Outlook 2010. Scanpst fails due to several factors. Like, if the volume of corruption or damage is bigger then it cannot handle such major issue and fail to deliver expected results. When PST file is highly damaged, scanpst stops working and display an error message.

Therefore, you are required to use a professional third party software. A third party PST Repair tool effectively detects and repairs all kinds of PST file problems. One of the important fact about this software is that even password protected or encrypted PST files can be repaired using this tool. PST Repair is a high speed recovery software which does not imply on limitation of file size.

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