Working Guidelines To Fix Outlook 2010 Error Code 20

Generally I used to be able to connect to my office email from my home computer but now during establishing connection I get an error message code 20 mentioning something about a “proxy server”. This error prohibits me to send or receive emails on Outlook 2010. So, is there any possible way to fix the issue? If yes, then would be really appreciable.


Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 has been labeled as one of the generic Outlook 2010 error which most usually appears during program installation, while a Microsoft Corporation related software program such that Microsoft Outlook is running, during installation of the Windows operating system, Windows startup or shutdown. This error stops the users from performing the operations in an efficient manner.

Causes Liable Behind The Accountability Of Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 :

  1. Corruption in Windows registry from a recent Microsoft Outlook-related software change.
  2. Virus or malware infection which has corrupted Windows system files or Microsoft
  3. Outlook-associated files.
  4. Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Microsoft Outlook software.
  5. Several other programs viciously or accidentally leads to prevents it from recurring.

Symptoms Of Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 :

  1. Frequently crashing of computer system or PC with Error 20 while executing the same program.
  2. “Microsoft Office Outlook Error Code 20” is shown.
  3. Windows run sluggishly and responds very slowly to the mouse or keyboard input.
  4. Computer periodically “freezes” for a short duration of time.
  5. Outlook 2010 Error Code 20” appears and crashes the active program window.

Thus to prevent such sudden system crashes and system degradation it is very essential to fix Outlook 2010 Error Code 20. For that purpose just implement the below discussed instructions step by step.

How To Fix Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 :

  1. First of all check the Internet connection.
  2. Then correctly set the date and time.
  3. Next restart the computer in safe mode.
  4. After that execute a strong antivirus tool.
  5. Now set the profile settings correctly
  6. Finally at last one can also uninstall the Outlook and reinstall it again in order to avoid the error.

After executing the above discussed steps one would surely not find any sign of Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 on the device screen. But while implementing the steps one should be very careful since the process required a deep technical knowledge and thus may lead to system crashes in a case if handled carelessly. Therefore to resolve Outlook 2010 Error Code 20 easily, safely and quickly it is advised to use ‘PST Repair Tool’ since this tool has been referred as an ultimate solution to all the MS Outlook issues. This tool is compatible with all the latest version of MS Outlook application. Additionally it also enhances the productivity of the application in an efficient manner along with it’s dynamic features.

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