Working Guidelines To Restore Calendar Entries From Outlook PST File


MS Outlook has been referred as the most reliable mailing application designed by Microsoft for the purpose of allowing individuals to communicate with the people anywhere across the world. Apart from mailing Outlook also includes numerous other attributes such as Contacts, Calendar items, Drafts, Tasks, Notes etc. Via this it enables users to carry out various other tasks utilizing their Outlook profile. Now though all these attributes have been proven very applicable for the users but still among all of them Calendar has been labeled as one of the most widely used section of Microsoft Outlook which help users in keeping remainders about an event on a particular day such as organizing / re-organizing meetings, creating events and appointments, managing another user’s calendar, viewing schedules and numerous more. So, because of having all such effective attributes MS Outlook is undoubtedly very beneficial. Along with that it is also very easy and reliable to use but it is a fact that nothing in this world is perfect and so is that the case with the MS Outlook application. It is also not free from errors.

Often individual using MS Outlook application encounters several issues while accessing the Outlook profile. The main reason liable behind this inaccessibility is the PST file corruption. Actually when the PST files get corrupted all the Calendar entries from Outlook PST file becomes inaccessible.

Causes accountable for the deletion or loss of Calendar items and the corruption of PST file are:

  1. Corruption of Outlook PST files because of virus infections
  2. Abrupt termination of MS Outlook applications
  3. Emptying deleting items folder without even checking for the important mails and attributes.
  4. Utilizing the same PST file on distinct computer networks.
  5. Oversizing of PST file
  6. Accidental deletion of Calendar entries from MS Outlook utilizing Shift Delete keys.
  7. Upgrading MS Outlook application from older version to the newer one.

Now after the occurrence of the above discussed scenarios the PST file get corrupted leading to inaccessibility of calender entries. So if you are one of the user encountering this issue then it is suggested to not get disappointed as Microsoft Outlook always provide the users with a Inbox Repair Utility named as ScanPSt.exe to recover the corrupted Outlook mailbox in situation of severe corruption and may lead to further damage of the PST file. Though this utility is capable of restoring the calendar entries from Outlook PST file but if it not works then instead of getting worried it is strongly recommended to use ‘PST Repair Tool’. This tool has been highly potent. It being packed with numerous powerful and advance algorithmic skills is capable to restore the calendar entries from Outlook PST file. Besides from that it can also repair various other attributes provided by MS Outlook application.

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