Working Solution To Fix 0x80040600 Error In MS Outlook


Microsoft Outlook has been labeled a very efficient application. It is not only an email client but also an tool that enables individuals to manage their data in an efficient manner. Thus it do not only includes the data associated with sent or received emails but also contains all the information regarding all the contacts, notes, data regarding meeting schedules etc. Now data related to Outlook is mostly stored in a file called the PST file. This file stores elements like email messages, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks, entries etc. Now though this PST file works very efficiently in storing all the data but yet often under certain circumstances the PST file get corrupted and becomes inaccessible to the users. Mostly in such cases several error message get displayed onto the user’s device screen. One such error message is “An unknown error has occurred.0x80040600”. This error message simply indicates that the MS Outlook data file (PST) has become corrupted.

Reasons responsible behind the occurrence of 0x80040600 Error Code In Outlook are:

  • Software Failure
  • Virus attack
  • PST file size limit
  • Sharing of PST files on distinct network
  • MS Outlook improper termination

So, to fix 0x80040600 Error In Outlook it is suggested to use the Microsoft’s Outlook Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe).

To Solve 0x80040600 error code In Outlook, implement the given below instructions:

Step 1 : Firstly enable hidden files & folders view

Before resolving the 0x80040600 Error In Outlook, first of all Hidden files view should be enables. For that follow the below discussed instructions:

  1. Open Windows Control Panel
  2. Open Folder options
  3. Then click the View tab
  4. After that check to enable the Show hidden files, folders and drives option.
  5. In the next step click OK.Screenshot from 2016-04-11 18:00:56

Step 2 : Then run the Inbox Repair Tool – SCANPST.EXE

  • Close Outlook
  • Then open Windows explorer and locate the scanpst.exe repair tool at the below mentioned location:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\%OfficeVersion%\SCANPST.EXE
  • Now double-click to open SCANPST.EXE
  • Then click BrowseScreenshot from 2016-04-11 18:01:43
  • After that locate the corrupted Outlook data file at the below given location:


Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst

Windows 7 or Vista


Note : In MS Outlook 2013, the Outlook Data file is by default stored at :

C:\Users\%Username%\Documents\Outlook Files\Outlook.pst

  • Now finally at last press the Scan button and be patient until the Inbox Repair Tool repairs the corrupted PST file

Note : At the final repair phase one will be asked if he/she wants to create a backup. In this situation to continue the repair operation click ‘Yes’.Screenshot from 2016-04-11 18:02:40

Though the Inbox Repair Tool works very efficiently in repairing the corrupted PST file but still sometimes because of lack of enhanced scanning algorithm and latest programming skills the scanpst.exe fails to repair the PST file corrupted due to the generation of 0x80040600 Error Code. Now in this situation it is advised to use ‘PST Repair Tool’. This tool being featured with numerous powerful and enhance technical skills is capable of repairing every type of corrupted PST file.

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